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Примерные монологи для устной части экзамена (Модуль 1, Модуль 2)

Уважаемые коллеги и родители! Ребята!

Сроки нашего экзамена стали известны!   Единый день для сдачи письменной части - 17 мая. 

Предлагаю Вам примерные монологи по темам Модулей 1 " Школьные дни" и 2 "Это я!". Данные темы созданы как ответы на вопросы для второй части экзамена. 

Module 1. School days.  Good afternoon. I am _________________. I am ________years old.  I am in Class 5 D (E) at secondary school № 112. I study many subjects at my school:  Music, Art, Science, Russian, Information Technology. My favourite subjects are Maths, History, English, Geography, but the most I like  Physical Education because we jump and run there ( English because we sing English songs and learn new words by heart). I have it ( предмет) 3 times a week: on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. For my favourite lesson  I need many objects in my red school bag: a pencil case with  pens and pencils, a book and a notebook.  I usually have 5 lessons a day. I don’t go to school on Sundays. My favourite teacher is ________________because she is kind and smart. After school I like to read books and walk with my friends. 

Модуль 1. Школьные дни (диалог)
1.        Introduce yourself
2.        How old are you?
3.        What is your favourite subject?
4.        What colour is your bag?
5.        Name the days of the week
6.        How many lessons do you have on Monday?
7.        What is in your school bag?
8.        How do you like working at school?
9.        Who is your favourite teacher? Why?

10.      What do you like to do after school?

Module 2. That’s me. Good afternoon. I am _________________. I am ________years old.  I am Russian. I live in Novokuznetsk, in Kemerovo region in the Russian Federation. So (итак), I can speak Russian and English because I learn it at school. I am strong, tall and I am not lazy. I have friends. They are from Russia too. My hobby is collecting stamps (coins). I have got a great collection. My album has got 58 stamps from France, Canada and New Zealand. It makes me happy. For my birthday I want a new stamp from America.

Модуль 2. Это я (диалог)
1.     Where are you from?
2.     What languages can you speak?
3.     Are you British?
4.     What is your nationality?
5.     What nationality are your friends?
6.     What is your address?
7.     What is your telephone number?
8.     What is your hobby?
9.     Have you got a collection?
10.   What things do you want for your birthday?

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